John Gordon Armstrong

Canadian Composer



Scorpio (2002) was written for friend, a fine pianist known for her brilliant collaborative abilities. After confessing that she had a great fear of playing solo, I wrote her a piece with a largely improvised first movement, a movement intended as an icebreaker; my own ImproVisions for guitar served a similar purpose for me a number of years ago. Soon after, however, she simply abandoned solo performance and never performed it. After performing both “Lesath” and “Isidis” in the Contemporary Showcase Festival in (2008 and 2010 respectively), Patrick Armstrong gave the première of the entire set of pieces at the Café Paradiso in 2011. He subsequently performed it at a concert dedicated to my music at the 2012 Music and Beyond Festival. That performance is below.

Composed in 2002 for harpsichord and piano
Duration: 15 minutes
Advanced Student/Accessible
Published: Canadian Music Centre (Toronto)

1. Antares

2. Graffias

3. Lesath

4. Isidis