John Gordon Armstrong

Canadian Composer


Night Thoughts: Three Songs for Children

Night Thoughts: Three Songs for Children was commissioned by the Sherbourne McCurdy Foundation and Alberta Culture for the 1987 Alberta Music Festival syllabus. They asked me for one song for a boy soprano 10 or under. Since I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, and it seemed like fun, I wrote three and asked that they choose their favourite. Their favourite turned out to be the third, “Young Night Thought.” Several years later, I was contacted by Roberta Stephen of Alberta Keys Music Publishing. She was taking over all of the Sherbourne McCurdy Commissions and wanted to know if I were interested in having these songs published. I said yes, but that I would like to see the three songs together. Roberta’s idea was that they could be used as solo pieces or by children’s choirs. I think they would be very nice performed by an adult soprano as well. They are very accessible, lyrical, and tonal.

Composed in 1986 for boy soprano and piano
Text by R. L. Stevenson and John Armstrong
Three Songs
Duration: 8 minutes
Easy/Very Accessible
Published by Alberta Keys (now Palliser Music)

Note: The Alberta Keys Music Publishing catalogue is now available through Palliser Music Publishing