John Gordon Armstrong

Canadian Composer


Concert Music

Most compositions listed here have already been performed and are readily available. Pieces that have been performed can be borrowed or purchased from the Canadian Music Centre.

I would also be happy to send you pdfs if I have them. Please get in touch.

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November Suite (1992-94, 2017) for Poet and Guitar
The Space Within
for 10-string Guitar
Simon Says
(2017) for Woodwind Quintet
(2016) for Solo Piano
2017 (2014-16) for Orchestra
Fragments (2015) for Chorus (SATB)
On the Cusp
(2014) for Baritone and Piano
Gold and Glory
(2014) for SATB and Piano
Of Glad Love
(2013) for Mezzo Soprano and Guitar Quartet
(2012) for Orchestra
Ghosts 3 (2011) for Soprano, Flute and Guitar
The Stars Within Us
(2011) for Guitar and Piano
Chants, Dances and Meditations (2011) for Two Oboes and English Horn
Élégie (2010) for Cello and String Orchestra
Fair Ever Be Angels (2009) for Cello and Piano
Uncommon Prayers
(2007) for Mezzo Soprano, SATB and Orchestra
Spring is Here (Eight Nursery Rhymes) (2005) for SATB
Càol MacAoidh (2005) for Oboe and Harp
Patrick’s Planets (2004) for Solo Piano
(2003) for Soprano and Piano
(2002) for solo Piano
O God (2000) for SATB and Organ
The Water Canticle (2000) for SATB and piano
Child of the Manger (1999) for SATB
Two to Tango (1999) for Two Guitars
Listen Up!
(1999) for Saxophone Quartet
La Guerre (1997) for Harpsichord and Piano
Fanfare (1995) for Guitar Quartet
False Spring (1995) for Soprano, Recorders and Guitar
ImproVisions (1992-1994) for solo Guitar
Trotte Vieille (1993) for Solo Horn
Nightmusics (1993) for Tenor, Horn and Piano
Jouissance! (1992) for solo Saxophone
In Three (1992) for Baroque Violin, Viola da Gamba and Harpsichord
Child’s Play (1991) for solo Flute
After the History (1990) for Contralto, Clarinet and Piano
Improvisations and Interludes (1990) for Clarinet and Guitar
Crochets (1989) for solo Harpsichord
Abstracts (1988) for Clarinet, Violin and Piano
The Last Waltz in Boston (1987) for solo Guitar
Ghosts (1987) for solo Guitar
Circle’s End (1986) for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra
Night Thoughts: Three Songs for Children (1986) for Boy Soprano and Piano
Wind ~ Earth ~ Sea (1985) for Soprano, Violin and Piano
An die Musik II (1985) for Soprano and Piano
Vistas (1983) for Flute and Guitar
Songs for Lyra (1983) for Soprano, Flute and Guitar
Three Scenes for Chorus (1983) for SATB
Night Scenes (1983) for Clarinet and Piano
Two Rags for Two Guitars (1983)
Three Pieces for Guitar and Strings (1981)
Incantations (1980) for Viola and Guitar
Prism (1978) for 3 Flutes, 3 Trumpets, 3 Cellos, 2 Percussion, Harp and Piano