John Gordon Armstrong

Canadian Composer




Crochets continues the composer’s exploration—begun in 1985 with Wind ~ Earth ~ Sea for soprano, violin and harp, and continued in 1988 with Abstracts for clarinet, violin and piano—into the combination of movements of varying lengths. The work is framed by longer movements— “Anfang,” “An Fang,” and “Enfin”—interrupted by shorter ones—the interludes. The pitch material is derived from the name of the performer to whom the music is dedicated, Sandra Mangsen. The precise method of derivation as well as the mutiple meanings of the piece’s multiple titles, are left as puzzles for those musicians who are inclined to investigate.

Crochets was premiered on January 19, 1990 in Pollack Hall, McGill University in the McGill Alumni Series concert.

Composed in 1989 for harpsichord
Three Movements and Four Interludes
Duration: 15 minutes
Very Difficult/Somewhat Abstract